Your next pet - a Miniature Horse

October 22, 2018 1 Comment

Your next pet - a Miniature Horse

I just love horses. There is just something so gentle and lovable that draws me to them. There are over 350 breeds of ponies and horses in the world today which fall into four major groups.

  • Light Horses - Horses with small bones and thin legs which weigh less than 1300 pounds. 
  • Heavy Horses – Draft or large horses weighing up to 2000 pounds. 
  • Ponies – Ponies are not usually larger than 58 inches tall ( 14.2 hands and under) which makes them smaller than a horse.
  • Feral Horses – Horses which are wild or semi-wild.

When reading about the different kinds of horses I came across the Falabella Miniature Horse. (I thought there were only small ponies, not small horses) The Falabella miniature horse is one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, seldom taller than 8 hands (32 inches, 81 cm) in height at the withers.

The Falabella Miniature Horse has a sweet personality, and this breed enjoys spending time around people of all ages. Because of their size, these horses are easy to handle, and they are also easy to train and highly intelligent, so they make wonderful family pets and equine companions for people of all experience levels.

Falabella Miniature Horse
Weber Training Stables

I can just imagine having a little horse playing with the dogs and children in the garden. lol If you have any experience or have seen these little horses, please comment for us.

Looking forward chatting to you again.

Happy Stitching

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Marilyn Krzus
Marilyn Krzus

October 22, 2018

I have no experience with minis, other than that I have seen them, but we have a horse, a light horse—and American Quarter Horse. It has its very own registry. These are ideal ranch horses, though ours was built for showing. He’s a real beauty: Mister Good Walker (“Walker”).

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