Difference between Hearing and Listening

July 07, 2018 1 Comment

Difference between Hearing and Listening

Yippee - the weekend is here. As I am writing this newsletter, I can hear the horn of a passenger ship in the harbor and I always wonder, where are they going now. One day I shall take a trip.

I was confronted with an old question, "what is the difference between Hearing and Listening? 

What would you say? Have you thought about it at some stage?

I though I knew the answer but I was pleasantly surprised reading the different answers to this question. Obviously I am not the first one to contemplate this question.

"Hearing" - when you detect some kind of sound e.g. a dog barking.

"Listening" can actually be divided into 4 categories:

·       Appreciative listening - e.g. when you listen to lovely music and it has an effect on your.

·       Critical listening -  when you are listening to a speech or a talk where you are taking notes for your benefit. 

·       Relationship listening - e.g. when you need to mediate between two parties and you pay close attention to both sides before giving your verdict.

·       Discriminative listening - when you listen but look past the words to get the real message. You might look at body language to see "what the person is saying". 

So listening and hearing are so close, yet so different.

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Paulette McPherson
Paulette McPherson

August 21, 2018

I think there are basically two types/purposes of hearing/listening, then subcategories under each’ One is to hear/listen to gain knowledge
The second is to hear/listen to respond. These days I find the vast majority of people hear/listen to respond and very few actually hear/listen to gain knowledge or understand the situation. We have to look no more than our facebook groups to see the responses to posts.

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