Emotional Support Animals vs Service Animals

October 02, 2018 1 Comment

Emotional Support Animals vs Service Animals

When we talk about "mans best friend" we all agree we refer to a domestic dog. Dogs have been extensively trained as service animals to perform tasks as guide dogs, herding dogs, search and rescue dogs, tracking and hunting dogs etc. And do not forget your "best friend" at home. Which brings me to the topic of Emotional Support Animals. 

An emotional support animal is a dog, or cat, or other pet that helps alleviate symptoms of an emotional or mental disability through companionship and affection. The animal doesn’t need specific working abilities to become an emotional support animal. The positive influence of these emotional support animals are well documented. In a nutshell, an Emotional Support Animal is there for companionship and support while a Service Animal animal has been trained to do specific tasks. 
But there seem to be some resistance allowing Emotional Support Animals into shops, restaurants, public transport, public places and more for a few reasons. 

  • Defenders of emotional support animals argue there is research that suggests pets can help individuals with mental and emotional health problems. Doctors have been using support animals to help patients with PTSD, anxiety, and depression for years. Clearly, they are providing some benefit.
  • Those against individuals who travel with "emotional support" pets feel they are abusing a law that was meant to protect people with actual disabilities who need service animals—which are required to undergo rigorous and expensive training. There is nothing noble about exploiting a loophole meant to help people with disabilities.

Here are some articles I looked at:
Is it time to ban emotional support animals?
Is the idea of an 'emotional support animal' legitimate or ridiculous?
USA Service Dog Registration

I am sure you might have some experience with your support animal or with someone else's Emotional Support animal. Let us know your comments in the comments box below.

Looking forward chatting to you again.


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Cookie Ballard
Cookie Ballard

October 02, 2018

I am all for Emotional support animals! I have two, they were actually my husbands’ dogs and he needed them to calm him. He never went anywhere in his truck without them. He passed away in early July and now these 2 little dogs(poms) are MY support animals to help soothe my grief and loneliness. I don’t need to take them into a store with me, but i do understand how some folks might need to do that.

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