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When was the last time you opened a newspaper or tuned into the news and you enjoyed good news? This almost never happens. However today we had a different experience. That is why I am writing about Generosity. I think this beautiful experience shows there is a lot of inherent good and generous people out there. 

A few hours ago Margaret Hirsch, Chief Operations Officer for mega appliance store Hirsch’s, posted a wonderful story of generosity on Facebook…which represents just one of many such acts of kindness taking place daily and, it seems, increasingly in the country. (although many go unwitnessed).

“Today we had a very special moment in store,” wrote Margaret.

“A gentleman came into Hirsch’s to get his electric frying pan repaired, and to his dismay the quotation fee was the same amount as a new machine, so our Spares and Repairs lady kindly told him it would be better to purchase a new one. 

“He was sad to hear this as he doesn’t have extra money lying around to replace his appliances so a gentleman by the name of Mr Bozas – who heard the conversation between the Repairs and the gentleman – decided to take it upon himself to purchase a new electric frying pan for him.

“He was so shocked at first he didn’t believe Mr Bozas…so he started to walk out the store, when Mr Bozas turned and said ‘My good man this is for you’. This gentleman had a smile from ear to ear!!

“When I approached Mr Bozas to ask if he would like to take a photo he very humbly said no thanks, so I told him that I would like to take the time to appreciate this kind gesture and I managed to get a quick photo.”

After reading the above account, a Facebook user by the name of Zandile Matlapi Mthimkhulu, wrote: “True kindness is needed a lot in this country. Thank you Mr Boza,” and then added…”ooohhhh and by the way your last name in street slang means…The Man… Iskhokho.”

It is so refreshing to read about people who still care about complete strangers. If you have any stories like these please add them in the comments just below this story on our BLOG. 

We wish you a wonderful weekend full of happy stitching.

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September 07, 2018

Annemarie, Thank you!!!! Too often I don’t read the start of your emails, but today… well it grabbed me, and was so worth my time. Thank you so much for sharing this story. And I will be reading most of the time.

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