Ideas for a GO BAG or Personal Disaster Pack

September 14, 2018

Ideas for a GO BAG or Personal Disaster Pack

I sincerely hope you are safe when you read this message. It is rather sobering to think about the millions of people world wide affected by natural disasters: a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, hurricane\typhoon, fire, tornado, volcanic eruption, tsunami, and other geologic processes that causes great damage or loss of life. 

We cannot prevent these from happening but we can prepare a Go Bag. A "Go Bag" is an emergency-preparedness bag that you pack in advance, but hope you never need. Sybrand and I have a Go Bag each that is ready for when we have to "GO" in the event of any disaster.
But what do you pack in a bag that you can carry in your one hand or on your back? Here are just a few articles you shall need. This list is by no means cast in stone but it is a start.

  • Purchase a heavy-duty duffel bag or a suitcase.
  • Purchase necessary food items.
  • Get potable water and/or a water filtration method. 
  • Pack practical tools. 
  • Pack extra clothing and blankets.
  • Bring camping supplies if possible. 
  • Bring necessary sanitary products.
  • Pack all of your necessary medications and prescriptions.
  • Bring important paper items in sealed plastic bags.

 I found this information on : How to make a Go Bag. Just click on the link.
Having discussed the Go Bag our wish for you is we hope we never need it but it is better to have it and don't need it than to need it and don't have it.

Stay safe and  your comments are always so welcome and appreciated.
Happy stitching

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