Illegally parking on a Handicapped Parking

September 01, 2018 1 Comment

Illegally parking on a Handicapped Parking

The weekend is just around the corner and hopefully you already have the weekend vibe with lovely embroidery projects and hobbies waiting to be done. How do you feel when you see someone illegally parking on a Handicapped Parking or parking in such a way that the handicapped parking cannot be used? I can get quite hot under the collar when I see this happening.

I researched this topic and found that it is actually an international problem where these handicapped parking spots are very often abused. (The link to the article is at the bottom of the newsletter). I noticed the article mentioned that people need to be educated to create awareness for this problem. And strangely even some handicapped drivers park in such a way that they also make it difficult for another handicapped driver to use an adjacent handicapped parking.

It seems that authorities have fined some of these inconsiderate folks but interestingly, some communities have also shamed a lot of these perpetrators on social media. Whatever works, we hope that this abuse can be addressed by means of education and any other means that work. Let us view this problem from the perspective of a handicapped person.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your hobbies.

Please email me at with your experiences and point of view.

Happy Stitching

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September 06, 2018

Hello from New Zealand . I am afraid this problem is not only where you live it seems to be universal . In New Zealand I have to pay for the privilege to be able to display the parking card in my car to use one of these car parks it is not free or a right as people seem to assume ,A lot of the public are law abiding but there is always some one who is not . I am sick of their excuses , oh I was in a hurry , oh dont be so picky , it was empty , and so it goes on . Unfortunately we will never educate the these dumb arse people to be considerate .,

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