It is all in the "smile"

July 03, 2018 1 Comment

It is all in the

When you smile, people treat you differently. You’re seen as attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere. When you see a person smiling you actually feel that you’re being rewarded. Yip, you get that "feel good" feeling. It takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown. So it just makes sense to smile instead of frown.

Can you believe that your smile lowers your blood pressure? So to smile is physically good for you. my favorite advantage: it makes you look younger. (a study has proven it too). That's good enough for me.

Let me know how your smile made a difference

Happy Stitching and Happy Smiling.

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Emma Carpenter
Emma Carpenter

August 21, 2018

Love your smile..

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