Making Jam

December 04, 2018

Making Jam

I have wonderful memories of the family making jam when the peach season was at its height. We had many Yellow Cling Peach trees in our garden and they would yield buckets full of delicious  peaches. And this is where my trip down memory lane begins.

On a specific day the family would pick these bucket fulls of peaches and take them to the veranda. There we sorted the peaches for jam or to be laid into Mason jars. The peaches for jam had to be peeled and sliced. Then it was off to the pots to boil for hours. The mason jars and lids were placed in another pot with boiling water. (Here we were only allowed to look and learn with little eagle eyes) Once the jam was golden brown (and cooled off) we could help by filling the jars. Needless to say, we were the sweetest kids on the block... and I mean literally. The "fruits of our hands" lasted us until the next season. 

Sybrand and I revived the family tradition when there was quite a surplus of yellow cling peaches in our hometown. On the photo you can see my "handy hubby" doing a sterling job. Note the custom apron: "Nobody is perfect. I am a nobody. Therefore I am perfect." My perfect hubby. haha. 
Needless to say, we had mouthwatering peach jam for quite a while. It is a tradition I intend to keep on doing. Watch this space.

Please let me know what traditions you still follow at home and send us photos if you have.

Have a wonderful day.

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