My 10 reasons for using Chalk Paint

September 28, 2018 2 Comments

My 10 reasons for using Chalk Paint

You might wonder "what does chalk paint" have to do with embroidery? Let me just give you the shortened version. lol. Machine embroidery started off as a hobby and slowly became my full time occupation. So painting furniture became one of my popular hobbies. This time of year I do some spring cleaning. I rediscovered my favorite embroidery magazines and Sybrands' Woodwork magazines in a cupboard and I decided that I need a magazine organizer. I told Sybrand what I wanted and he promised to build it for me. Below you can find my photos of the lovely magazine organizer. 

Annie Sloan is one of the world’s most respected paint and color experts and her hugely popular line of decorative paint, Chalk Paint, is my favorite. In the USA it is called Chalky Paint. Sybrand built the magazine organizer from MDF (superwood) but I still had to paint it before it could house my magazines. I used the "Paris Grey" color to give my stand that new, distressed look.

Here are the reasons why I just love using the Chalk Paint:
1. Chalky paint covers it all without the aggravating prep work.
2. Wipe the surface clean and the paint will adhere.
3. Clean your paint tools with soap and water.
4. Any imperfections add to the finished effect or help create the aged or worn look.
5. It gives the feel and finish of chalk, and that's really popular.
6. It is perfect for resurrecting old furniture and garage sale bargains.
7. It's thick, so it doesn't bleed.
8. Chalky paint can be applied with a brush just like traditional paint.
9. The paint dries very fast. (2 - 4 hours)
10. Wax seals the finish if you want it to stop wearing.

I enjoyed the article about Chalky Paint on the Popular Mechanics website. 

I would love you to share your hobbies in the "comments" below.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching.

 Sybrand built it with MDF. It perfectly fits 101 magazines. 

 After a few hours the paint was dry.

And with little wheels I can wheel my full stack of magazines anywhere.

 And the end result... 

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September 28, 2018

What a brilliant idea love it 👍🏻💞🌹

Sharon Currie
Sharon Currie

September 28, 2018

I love your magazine rack- I just need to persuade my husband to build me one. it is such great idea.

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