August 19, 2018


I always look forward to our little chats.  How are you doing? Hopefully you are busy with something you really enjoy. Talking about something we enjoy, isn't it amazing that the internet makes it possible for all of us to enjoy each others company? Just a little email or a whole newsletter full of delicious news. I read an article on good manners on the internet and I decided to share that with all my friends.

I know what "Etiquette" means: the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. "Netiquette" is closely related: the correct or acceptable way of using the Internet. I noticed that there are a few ways to say (and not to say) what is on your mind. lol

When we are upset we might use (1) an angry tone, (2) heavy use of the singular first-person pronoun or  (3) the utilization of caps.

I ENJOY YOUR COMPANY!! It actually means if you were standing next to me, I would be SHOUTING at you. So no matter how happy, excited or mad we feel, how we type our message might have the opposite effect of what we intended.
(The link to the article is at the bottom of the newsletter.)

My resolution: If I want to give the person a piece of my mind, rather not send the message while upset. Take a break and have that cup of tea. Then send the message when I am feeling calmer. (Maybe that is the time for my chocolate break ... lol)

Happy Stitching

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