Our Happy Wall

June 25, 2018

Our Happy Wall

I always look forward to our little chat in the newsletter. How are you doing? I hope this week treated you well.

Writing to you reminds me of shopping in a small town where everybody knows each other. "Shopping" means talking to friends, really showing interest in them and listening while they share their thoughts and opinions that are important to them.

You catch up on the family news and as the conversation comes to an end, you remember what you actually came to the store for. lol

This week Sybrand and I looked at some of our photos on our "happy wall". We have 9 photos of happy moments on a wall in the lounge and sometimes when we feel a bit "quiet",  just reliving those happy moments lift the spirits and I can't help to smile  thinking of the happiness in the moments in those photos.

I hope that you have some happy moments to lift your spirits when needed. Let me 
know what you do when you feel a bit "quiet".

Well, now its time for me to get to the "work" part of the newsletter so chat to you soon again.

Happy Stitching!

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