The purse is older than you think

October 16, 2018 1 Comment

The purse is older than you think

We have quite a few purses on our website and I have a few in my cupboard too. I am certain you can say the same. And you might even have an old purse you inherited as a family heirloom. I was curious to know what the oldest purse was, ever discovered. What an exciting journey that was. What do you think?

1. How old is the oldest preserved purse?
2. And how far back can purses be traced in history?

I found fascinating information. First of all we need to think what materials the purse was made of. That is very important as leather or fabric do not preserve very well. So the earliest bits / remnants of purses date back 1200 years. So now you know the answer to question 2.

I left the best for last. The best and most completely intact and well preserved purse today dates back 700 years. Yip, a whopping 700 years. "New evidence that suggests it was crafted as early as 1300.
The brass container looks much like a clutch bag you might see in the shops today and is inlaid with intricate scenes of courtly life in gold and silver, a masterpiece of luxury metalwork."

This purse was made of brass and inlaid with gold and silver. No wonder it is still around for us to admire. 

So now we know that throughout history ladies loved a bag where they can hide those necessary things we cannot do without, in plain sight. 

Please let me know about the oldest handbag or purse you have. And if there is a story to tell, I cannot wait. Share it in the comments. 

Have a super day and looking forward to our next chat.

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October 18, 2018

Thank you. Loved to learn the history of the purse.
Always enjoy you website. You are a beautiful designer.

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