What do women think of men who can cook?

September 23, 2018 1 Comment

What do women think of men who can cook?

Now this contribution is going to start a debate. What do women think of men who can cook? Both Sybrand and I love to cook. I love my recipes and making those trusted dishes that I feel comfortable with. Sybrand cooks "by the seat of his pants" (nothing wrong with his pants though) and the results can be surprising in many ways. lol However, when he hands me a glass of wine and tells me to "keep him company" I know he is in the mood for cooking. So I sit down and .... enjoy my wine.

I researched the question "What do women think of men who can cook?" and discovered a delightful article giving very interesting views about the topic. Have a peek at the highlights. Click on the link to read the full article.

1. They are interested in the smallest details.
2. They are never satisfied with their perfection.
3. They are sexy.
4. They often add new experiences to your life.
5. They are against this nonsensical belief that cooking is a woman's job.
6. They are always ready to feed you.
7. They are healthier than the rest of us.
8. They are good conversation starters, especially at new places.
9. They are the favorites of every mother.
10. They never ask me to go to the kitchen.

Most of the points mentioned made perfect sense. And I could only smile at some points. So I decided to give you a peek of what happens in our kitchen from time to time. Sybrand will share his favorite omelet recipe with you. (BTW. Omelet is the standard spelling in American English. ... The British spelling, omelette, is actually the modern French spelling.)

Enjoy his photo by photo "masterpiece" and believe me, it tasted great. And it is actually a very simple recipe that allows you to use your favorite toppings.

Until we chat again, have a super week and happy stitching and cooking.



 Chop a medium size onion.

Chop a medium tomato; chop 6 button mushrooms; chop a handful of fresh basil; grate a cup of cheese;

Start frying the onion in a hot pan; then add your chopped tomato and let it simmer.

Sybrand uses 3 eggs per omelet. Here he adds a generous amount of pepper and some salt to taste. And he does not scramble it too much.

Add the egg to your pan (he uses two pans) and then add the cheese. 

Now add the fried onions and tomato.

Add the chopped button mushrooms and basil.

Now fold the omelet over for a few moments.

And why not add an extra few basil leaves for a final touch.

And the verdict ....

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Rosemary Goulding
Rosemary Goulding

September 23, 2018

Alll I can say is ’yum! yum!" always tastes much more delicious when another cooks it, specially when seasoned with love!!!
loved this article which bought a real smile to my face.
Thank you so much

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