Sweet Sunshine Newlook and ITH Eyeglass Cases


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You Receive: 3 files to make 2 UNIQUE types of Eyeglass Cases
Hoop Size: 6" x 8" (newlook eyeglass case) 5" x 7" (sleeve-type eyeglass case)
1.Try our  NEWLOOK Eyeglass Case. It closes completely, so your glasses cannot fall out. You will need a 6" x 8" hoop for the NEWLOOK Eyeglass Case.
  • Size of Eyeglass case when complete: 5.51" wide x 3.14" high x 2.36" deep
  • Stitch Count: 15,869 - 23,896
2. We also included the SLEEVE TYPE Eyeglass Case for your 5" x 7" hoop. It is done ALL IN THE HOOP, so no sewing is required! Easy Step by Step tutorial included in your download. Also view our video tutorial on "All in the hoop" project.
  • Size of Eyeglass case when complete: 4.02" wide x 6.90" high
  • Stitch Count: 28,089

Type: In the Hoop

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