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The letters of the Butterfly Prelude Monogram:

Monogram Letter Date
A 03-May-21
B 04-May-21
C 05-May-21
D 06-May-21
E 07-May-21
F 08-May-21
G 09-May-21
H 10-May-21
I 11-May-21
J 12-May-21
K 13-May-21
L 14-May-21
M 15-May-21
N 16-May-21
O 17-May-21
P 18-May-21
Q 19-May-21
R 20-May-21
S 21-May-21
T 22-May-21
U 23-May-21
V 24-May-21
W 25-May-21
X 26-May-21
Y 27-May-21
Z 28-May-21