Gold Membership

Gold Membership:
  • Get 32 Designs over 28 Days from the Category Membership (next to the Home tab)
How does it work?
  • Purchase a Gold Membership for ONLY $2.45 and start saving!
  • Your Gold Membership will automatically renew at $2.45 every 28 days. (active members do not need to re-purchase a membership).
  • Minimum Membership Renewal = 2 (you would be able to cancel your membership after the 2d billing should you wish).
  • Manage your membership from the link in your e-mail or from your account.
How do I download my Gold Membership designs?
  • You get 8 Designs to download per week. 
  • Your Designs appear on the page dated for that week.
  • Download all the designs in your order as the Discount Code only works once and only during the dates specified.

Where do I find the designs for the week?

  • Click on "Membership" in the main menu. Select the page with the date of that week.

Do I need to enter a discount code?

  • The discount code will appear at the top of the Gold Membership page for that week.
What if I did not download my designs for the week?
  • We encourage Gold members to download their designs each week, but we understand that for various reasons it is not always possible. If you cannot download your designs for the week and you are an active member, please e-mail us and we will gladly add the designs to your account and e-mail you the download links.

I started my membership late, can I get the designs for the previous week(s)?

  • Yes, active members can get the monogram designs for previous weeks (bonus designs excluded). Purchase 1 design from the week you were not a member, e-mail us your request and we will email your download links for the other designs (bonus design excluded) available during that week. 

How do I cancel my membership?

    • Make sure you are logged in
    • Click on your name (top menu)
    • On the left side is a button “Manage membership”.
    • Click on “see more details”
    • The last option is “cancel membership”. Click and your membership will be cancelled.

    We will gladly answer any questions you might have.

    Email: Sybrand or Annemarie