Premium Plus Member Perks

Get 36 Designs PLUS 4 BONUS sets PLUS a Brand New set released each month in your inbox on your renewal date, from the Category MEMBERSHIP when you purchase a PREMIUM PLUS MEMBERSHIP for ONLY $9.99!
PREMIUM PLUS MEMBERSHIP will automatically renew at $9.99 every month. Minimum Membership Renewal = 2 after which you would be able to cancel your membership should you wish. Manage your membership from the link in your e-mail or from your account.
How do I download my Designs?
  • Good news! You no longer need to remember to download your designs every week or run the risk of loosing out on marvelous designs. As a Premium Plus member, we will email you the download links on your renewal date, ensuring convenient access to all of your designs.
Where do I find my Designs?
  • Click on "Membership" in the main menu. Select the page with the date of that week. 
When do I receive my monthly Designs?
  • Your design download links will be emailed to our email address on our system, each month on your renewal date.
What if I cancel my membership?
  • You simply purchase a new membership, no problem. It will be at the latest membership price.

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