Customer project: Anita made this Flamingo Embrace pillow

October 06, 2021

Customer project: Anita made this Flamingo Embrace pillow

It is amazing what our friends got up to during lockdown. My friend Anita emailed me photos of her recent projects. I will feature them one at a time because it will be an injustice not to give each project it's own page. lol

"Anita, your projects are inspiring. You created works of art. I would be so happy if I received any of our projects a a gift. Thank you so much for sending the photos before the designs find new homes. I promise to keep you busy with new designs. Your friend, Annemarie".

This is project 3: Anita using the Flamingo Embrace Combo

  "Dear Annmarie, Many thanks for all the beautiful designs you have created no doubt hundreds of enthusiasts like me have had so much pleasure in creating something very special for thousands of friends and family. I have just finished my sixth Reading Pillow. I am so proud of how beautifully Pippa, Shark and Flamingo have worked out.

Once again many thanks Annmarie and I pray you will continue to create beautiful projects in the future. Stay Safe and Well, Best Wishes, ANITA"

Anita used the Flamingo Embrace Combo to create this beautiful Reading Pillow.

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