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This is the aStitch aHalf Team. (when we are not working...)


Annemarie & Sybrand le Roux (in Namaqualand - in the flower season)

We would love to introduce ourselves to you and share some information about our business, our hobbies, our likes and even our dislikes. As there are only the two of us in the team, we have our work cut out for us. (and sometimes we share responsibilities ... like who must make coffee. lol)

Annemarie le Roux


Annemarie is responsible for the designs you find on aStitchaHalf. From an early age she was involved in sewing. Her mom, a very industrious seamstress presented needlework classes and Annemarie and her sister were always around, threading the sergers, cutting fabric, making themselves useful and learning the trade. Later on in life she discovered the world of machine embroidery digitizing and focused on creating beautiful Tote Bags, Clutch Purses and many more fashion items. Her designs are very popular and quite a few of her projects have been published in international magazines like "Australian Stitches" and "Machine Embroidery & Textile Art".

One of her favorite hobbies is gardening. She just loves to get her hands dirty in her garden, especially in the herb patch.

The other is to enjoy the outdoors. Here she is next to a female African elephant she fed delicious fruit and vegetables. This is one of quite a few orphan elephants in an elephant rehabilitation center. This center is used to educate children about wild life conservation. (brave lady next to this female elephant).

To contact Annemarie: annemarie@astitchahalf.com

 Dislike: She doesn't do mornings. Annemarie only functions after that first cup of coffee.

 Sybrand le Roux


Sybrand is responsible for the website of aStitchaHalf. He has always loved working with his hands. His dad taught him how to complete projects he started, even while loosing interest halfway through. This has stood him well when the website www.astitchahalf.com came to life. Annemarie digitized the embroidery designs and Sybrand built the website and dealt with the marketing and growing the business.

And need I say he just loves animals?

One of his favorite hobbies is photography. Whenever time permits Sybrand and Annemarie will visit a National Park, bird sanctuary or Namaqualand when the flowers are in bloom. (look out for more info about this unique, one-of-a-kind floral paradise)

And sometimes Annemarie has to paddle the kayak on a river excursion while Sybrand "has to be ready to get the shot"...  so that is the reason why he cannot paddle ... (I smell a rat)

To contact Sybrand: sybrand@astitchahalf.com

 Dislike: Sybrand always tries to get out of gardening.
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