Viva Verdant Shoulder Bag with Zipper



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Replace your current purse with our Fully Lined Shoulder Bag, complete with a Zipper done All In The Hoop, and experience the satisfaction of carrying a practical and stylish bag that will help you feel confident and organized while on the go. Our step-by-step tutorial makes it easy!

You receive: 12 x Designs (you can make this bag in 6 Unique Sizes)
Hoop size: 9.4” X 9.4”, 7.84” X 7.84”, 7.85” X 11.84”, 6.89” X 10.39”, 4.55” X 6.88”
Stitch count: 35,578 to 70,407

Customer Reviews

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Deb Adams

I'm sorry but will not be able to use it for a while; am having heart surgery in a few days and thought it would give me something to look forward to making when I recover... Love the happy flowers design!

All of the best with your upcoming surgery Deb! It is lovely to look forward to doing what we love most. Warm regards Annemarie

les prix sont faut en euros veuillez vous les corrige .. merci après j'achèterai

veullez vous corriger le prix apres j'acheterai

Thank you for your review Marie. You can change the currency in the top right corner to any desired currency. Kindly note that the final checkout will still be with USD. Happy shopping! Annemarie

Merci pour votre avis Marie. Vous pouvez changer la devise dans le coin supérieur droit pour la devise de votre choix. Veuillez noter que le règlement final se fera toujours en USD. Bon shopping! Annemarie