Filigree Swan Pillow Quilt Combo



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Filigree Swan Pillow Quilt Combo enables you to embroidery a variety of matching projects with the same theme. These elegant designs are truly timeless, as it can be used to decorate from a wedding pillow, aprons or simply a continuous border of your favorite tablecloth. A beautiful addition to your embroidery collection.

You receive:
12 x Designs (of which 3 Complete Pillow Quilts and 1 x Applique Swan Design)
Available size: 
4*4 Hoop x 2 (stitch count = 6689 to 10,319)
6*12 Hoop x 2 (stitch count = 15,313 to 15,470)
6*6 Hoop x 5 (stitch count = 3968 to 13,998)
12*12 Hoop x 3 (stitch count = 26,164 to 46,314)

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