King of Gardens Seamless Complete Mega Quilt and Designs Pack



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Create a Garden fit for a King or Queen with this Amazing Variety of Flowers. The pattern is seamless, which means that you can create a Quilt Large enough for a King Size Bed, Queen Size Bed or smaller if you prefer a Floral Wall Hanging. Single Designs are also included for use on small Projects. These Flowers will never go out of Fashion. Full Instructions included in your Instant Download.

Designs Included: 121 Designs (includes 8 Design Elements)
Hoop: 4*4, 5*7 & 6*10 hoop
Size: 3.11” x 3.87” x 4.75” x 4.75”
Stitch count: 2871 – 23,994
Size when Completed in 6*10 Hoop: 46” x 46” (without sashing and binding)
Size when Completed in 5*7 Hoop: 38” x 38” (without sashing and binding

Size when Completed in 4*4 Hoop: 30” x 30” (without sashing and binding)