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All-In-The-Hoop Project! Only one (1) hooping necessary, so quick and easy. This is an elegant gift to yourself or a dear friend in timeless rose design

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5x7 Hoop

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Ethel Mecklem
EyeGlass Case

I love the design and it stitched out beautifully, but after I had stitched the front piece and was ready to stitch on the lining piece my machine broke down and I was unable to finish the project. My machine as at the repair shop and hopefully will come back to the spot I left off with. I did find the directions a little confusing and had trouble figuring out the next steps. I made one of your other eyeglass covers several years ago and had printed out the tutorial when I did those. So, those are the directions I am using now and I see that you have a new tutorial on your web site now but it doesn't seem to fit the design I am making now. I have always been very happy with all your designs and have make many of your purses, eyeglass covers, hangar covers, tea cozies. I love your designs and your digitizing is always great. Thank you, Ethel Mecklem

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review Ethel! We greatly value your feedback, as it plays a pivotal role in our commitment to delivering exceptional designs and outstanding service. I'm truly sorry to learn about the inconvenience caused by your machine's breakdown, and I genuinely hope it gets swiftly resolved for you to resume your hobby. On a positive note, we've taken the initiative to enhance this design at no extra cost, and have dispatched fresh download links along with updated instructions. With this update, you now have the option to create this project in two distinct sizes, both conveniently accessible in your download. Happy stitching, Annemarie

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