Miss Llama with Floral Quilt Block


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Can we ever get enough of this cute animal. This Miss Llama with Floral Quilt Block will brighten up any project! You have the option to stitch out the Llama with or without the floral lace background. You also get the floral lace background in 2 unique options to use as quilt Blocks or simply stitch the lace blocks. Enjoy this Colorful Combo!
Hoop: 4*4 hoop designs x 3, 5*7 hoop designs x 2, 6*12 hoop designs x 5, 7*7 hoop designs x 5, 8*8 hoop designs x 4, 9*9 hoop designs x 4
Total: 23 designs included
Size: 2.52” x 3.89” x 8.84” x 8.84”
Stitch Count: 2028 - 67 650

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