Neotropical Summer Satchel Bag



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Make a Skinny Satchel or a Gusset Satchel if you prefer a larger Bag. The Gusset Satchel allows you to make the bag Big or Small. 
  • Step by step Project Tutorial Included in your download. 

You receive:
6 x Design Files (gusset satchel)
6 x Design Files (skinny satchel)
Hoop Size:
5*7 Hoop or 6*9 Hoop
A / C = 5.9” width x 8.9” height x gussets (thickness)
B / D = 4.6” width x 6.9” height x gussets (thickness)

Click here to view the on-line Photo Tutorial how to make the Smart Satchel Bag