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Imagine adorning your favorite tote bag with a vibrant bouquet of flowers, or adding a playful butterfly to a child's backpack. Bring the beauty of nature into your embroidery projects with our stunning flower and butterfly designs. Perfect to fill a border, corner and marvelous center focus point. 
Hoop: 4*4, 5*7, 6*9, 6*12, 7*12, 8*8, 8*12, 9.5*9.5, 9*14
Designs: 23 Designs included
Size: 3.47”x 3.88 to 9.5”x 9.5” to 7.89" x 13.67'
Stitches: 3535 – 38,701

Customer Reviews

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Lyn Francis
Combo Galore

I have finished these great designs, sewed out beautifully, no breakages. Love them all

We love your encouraging feedback Lyn! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We look forward seeing photos of your project if possible:-) Happy stitching! Annemarie

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