Sweet Serenade Pillow Quilt Combo


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Sweet Serenade Pillow Quilt Combo enables you to embroidery a variety of matching projects with the same theme. These elegant designs are truly timeless, as it can be used to decorate from a wedding pillow, aprons or simply a continuous border of your favorite tablecloth. A beautiful addition to your embroidery collection.

You receive:
12 x Designs
Available size:
4*4 Hoop x 5 (stitch count = 3706 - 10,984)
5*5 Hoop x 2 (stitch count = 13,154 - 18,798)
5*7 Hoop x 3 (stitch count = 13,047 - 21,044)
10*10 Hoop x 2 (stitch count = 70,755 - 74,512)
(ps: store bought trim added)
Available Size
4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop, 5x5 (130mm x 130mm) Hoop, 5x7 (130mm x 180mm) Hoop, 13x17 (330mm x 430mm) Hoop

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