Flamingo Eyeglass and Cellphone Holder Duo



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Complete an Eyeglass Case and a matching "around the neck" Cellphone Holder.

The Cellphone Holder has a narrow overlapping flap. A "velcro" strip allows you to close the holder, so your cellphone cannot fall out. Two buttonholes will also be stitched "in the hoop" to allow you to hang your cellphone holder around your neck. This means you do not need to carry a purse, because even some cash will fit into this lovely holder.

You Receive:
2 x In the Hoop Projects (with complete instructions included in your Instant Download)
Size of Eyeglass Holder when complete:
3.68" x 6.87" (Stitch Count = 21,349)
Size of "around the neck" Cellphone Holder when complete:
3.98" x 7.93" (Stitch Count = 23,627)