Bare Baroque Variety for Necklines



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With the designs in this set you will be able to: *Embroider 5 UNIQUE Necklines
1. V Shape Neckline
2. Round Shape Neckline
3. Plunging U Shape Neckline
4. Scallop Neckline
5. Princess Neckline
You Receive: 18 x Designs
Hoop: 4*4 Hoop x 10, 5*7 Hoop x 2, 6*10 Hoop x 5, 8*8 Hoop x 1
Stitch count: 392 - 6219

You receive a printable PDF for easier placement on your garment. Why not decorate matching garments to compliment your Unique Embroidered Shirts. Create Exquisite Necklines with this variety Pack!

Customer Reviews

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Heather Beck
Not as expected

There aren’t any “necklines” in the Bare Baroque Necklines Variety. Sadness

Dear Heather, thank you for taking the time to provide your honest feedback. We truly appreciate hearing from our customers. We understand your frustration. As each neckline size and shape can be quite different, the designs featured are intended to be flexible for stitchers to modify and adapt to their specific neckline measurements.
However, our aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To resolve this issue, please email me directly at with details on your particular neckline size and shape. I will be happy to send you updated digital files with printable PDF guides to help you place the designs appropriately for your project.
We value your business and look forward to assist you in any way we can. Kind regards, Annemarie