Romantic Roses Neckline Embroidery Collection



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With the designs in this set you will be able to:
1. Embroider a variety of V SHAPE Necklines
2. Use the designs as a continuous BORDER
3. The V shape neckline design can also serve as a CORNER
4. Mirror Image the V Shape neckline design to create Beautiful QUILT BLOCKS
5. Embellish a Table Runner 
6. Create your own FRAMES

and did you notice the designs have only 5 or maximum 8 COLOR STOPS. Create Beautiful Necklines with this variety Pack!

You Receive:
16 x Designs
Available size: 
  • 5*7 Hoop x 9
  • 6*10 Hoop x 6
  • 9*9 Hoop x 1
Available Size
5x7 (130mm x 180mm) Hoop, 6x10 (150mm x 250mm) Hoop, 8x8 (200mm x 200mm) Hoop