My Chemistry Lab Complete Quilt and Designs Pack



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Scientists are working hard to find a cure for the Covid19 disease. This is the perfect opportunity to have your own Chemistry Lab Quilt. Notice the Beautiful Atoms Outer panel to Complete your Quilt!
Designs Included: 122 Designs (includes 22 Chemistry Lab Design Elements)
Hoop: 4*4 hoop, 5*7 hoop, 6*10 and 8*12 hoop
Size: 1.70” x 2.06” x 6.89” x 8.92”
Stitch count: 392 – 23,994
Size when Completed in 5*7 Hoop: 44” x 44” (without sashing and binding)
Size when Completed in 4*4 Hoop: 35” x 35” (without sashing and binding)

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