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Our Snowbound Collection consists of 8 Unique Pillow Quilt Designs. These designs were completed using the Trapunto Technique which gives Beautiful loft to the open areas and suppresses other parts of the Design. I was so excited about these Designs that I decided to create this Snowbound Quilt using only White and Gold thread.

Hoop:            4*4, 5*7, 6*10, 8*12 and 9*9 hoop sizes included. The 4*4 designs are Corners to match the Large Design and with the 5*7 Hoop designs, Lovely Continuous Borders can be Stitched.
Designs:        106 designs included
Size:               3.69” x 3.89” to 9.84” x 9.84”
Stitch count: 1627 – 20,533
Size of This Quilt: We used sixteen 9” x 9” blocks to make a quilt of approx. 36” x 36”

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