Cats Together Seamless Quilt Combo



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Cats Together is a Seamless pattern, so you can now stitch out an Unlimited amount of your Furry Friends. We included a few Bonus Cat Designs to use on matching projects. I stitched the design on white fabric and used Derwent Inktense Paint to color. The stitch out on Batik fabric shows what your design looks like if you prefer not to paint the design.

Read more about this Fun Fabric Paint on our Blog. This is the Perfect Lockdown Project for Young and Old! 

Hoop:      4” x 4” to 10” x 10” hoop
Designs:  28 Designs included
Size:         3.73” x 2.71” to 9.84” x 9.85”

Stitches:  1791 to 49,172

Read more about the Fun Fabric Paint on our BLOG.