Seamless Steampunk Quilt Set



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"Steampunk" is technologies that were new or important to the Victorians, such as steam power, clockwork or electricity. So we might say we use "sort of Victorian-industrial" designs to create beautiful patterns on our seamless quilt.

This Seamless pattern is a Repeating pattern, as shown in the Quilt we made (22" when finished using four 9" designs). You can make the quilt big or small, by simply stitching out more blocks in the hoop size you prefer, because the pattern joins beautifully with the pattern in the next block and the next block and the next block...Or stitch out only 1 Block to create a Beautiful Quilted Pillow. 

Hoop: 4*4 hoop through 9*9 hoop
Designs: 12 designs included
Size: 3.88” x 3.88” to 8.88” x 8.88”

Stitches: 4834 to 21,420