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Questions about the migration from to

Do I have to create a new account?
What about my wish list from the old website?
3.  What about my order history from the old website?
4.  What about my downloads from the old website?
5.  What about my Bobbin Bucks from the old website.

 Using Our Website

6.   Why register an account?
7.   How to register My Account?
8.   How do I order designs and Freebies?
9.   How do I download my designs?
10. How many times can I download my designs?
11. How does the wish list work?
12. You get "Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted" message
13. How to Unzip the files I downloaded
14. What happens if I forget my password?


      15. How to use Discount Codes & Bobbin Bucks
      16. Payment Options: PayPal, Amazon Pay, Most Credit Cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
      17. Refunds
      18. My downloads and back up of designs.

        Rewards Program

        19. What are "Bobbin Bucks"?
        20. Rewards Program
        21. How to earn credits to get designs for free?
        22. How to send project pictures of our designs.


          1. Do I have to create a new account?
          Yes you do. This is a brand new website with many more wonderful features and by registering your account, they all become available to you.
            2. What about my wish list from the old website?
            We have added a brand new, better than before, wish list to this website. It is located towards the top of the page next to your log in.
            The new features include sharing your wish list with your friends via email or social media.
            Large image display of the items in your wish list and the option to add these items back to your cart makes this wish list something you cannot do without.
            We are keeping the old website open until May 31, 2018 so you have enough time to copy the items in your previous wish list to your current wish list.

            3. What about my order history from the old website?
            The old website will only be removed on May 31, 2018. You can do one of the following to have a record of your previous orders.
            a. You can open each order in your old account and print it. That way you have a permanent hard copy.
            b. You can take a screen shot of your orders in your account. That indicated the order number as well as the date ordered.
            c. You can highlight the list of orders, copy and paste it into a spread sheet.
            d. You can make a list of the order numbers and date the order was placed.                                  

            4. What about my downloads from the old website?
            The old website will only be removed on June 30, 2018. We strongly encourage you to download your files if you have not done so yet.
            Please save your files is a safe place. If it was worth paying for, it is worth saving them.
            If you have any problems with previous downloads that expired we shall gladly provide new download links for you.
            Kindly note that the download links for the two website differ so it is not possible to copy the old downloads to the new website.

            5. What about my Bobbin Bucks from the old website?
            The old website will only be removed on May 31, 2018. If you do not intend to place any orders at any more, kindly contact us and we shall transfer them to the new website
            Please remember to open an account at so that we can credit your account.

            6. Why register an account?
            There are many advantages to register your account. Here are just a few.
            a. Your can download your previous orders again should your files become corrupt or damaged.
            b. You can use the "wish list" to remind you of designs you still want to order, or you can share your "wish list" on social media.
            c. You can download the Freebies we provide on a regular basis.
            d. You have access to Special Offers and Discount Codes.

            7. How to register your Account?
            Towards the top of click on Log In. If you do not have an account yet, you now have the option to create an account.
            If you have already have an account, just use your email address and password to log in. Then relax and get lost amongst the embroidery projects you still want to do.

            8. How do I order designs and Freebies?
            a. Remember to log in to your account.
            b. Once you locate the designs you would like to order, remember to select the correct format before you "add to cart".
            c. Carry on shopping or click on "Checkout" at the top of the website.
            d. Once your payment is approved, you get a download link immediately on the website PLUS you will receive a download link in your email.
            e. Follow the same process when you want to download freebies.
            f. Look under the "Design Categories" for the "Free Designs". Select the correct format and add it to your cart.
            g. Remember to SAVE your downloaded design in a safe place.


            Designs don't download or you get "Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted" message. 

            • Please try the following steps one at a time in an attempt to solve your problem: 
            •  Right Click the hyperlink, and then click Save or Save this file to disk in the File Download dialog box that appears.
            • In the Save As dialog box, specify a location to save the file to (for example, Desktop), and then click Save.
            • When the download is finished, open the .zip file, and then extract the files that are contained in it.


            How to get your FREE GIFT:

            1. Add designs for $12.00 (or the indicated amount as per the promotion) or more to your cart.
            2. Continue shopping.
            3. Click on "Cart". Select your Free Gift(s).
            4. Choose your format.
            5. Checkout.



            Embroidery Designs are Digital Products so they cannot be returned or refunded. Once you have clicked on the "Pay Now" button after reviewing the designs in your cart, changes can generally not be made. Design Zip files which are corrupt or faulty will be replaced. If you ordered a design twice, a Gift Certificate or Refund might be considered. If you ordered the incorrect format, we can provide you with a design file of the correct format at no extra charge. Please email us at to discuss any Refund issues.

            more to follow...