Photo Tutorial - Paperclip Ice Skate

 We used the Paperclip Ice Skate to demonstrate this project. 
Making these cute Ice- Skates as a quick and easy project. Use them as a Decoration, Bookmark, Key Chain and more… and off course, they make marvelous, inexpensive little gifts. 

Step 1 Hoop 2 x layers water-soluble stabilizer.


Step 2 Stitch out the 1st Color Stop. This is a running stitch to indicate where the fabric will be placed.


Step 3 – In your download is 2 files for a small and medium size Ice Skate. Use Felt (or similar fabric) 4″ x 2″ for the small ice-skate and 8″ x 4″ for the larger ice-skate.


Step 4 – Place the felt to cover the stitching. The fold should be toward the bottom.


Step 5 – The fold should align with the bottom of the stitched area.


Step 6 – Stitch the next color stop. The felt will be secured by a running stitch.


Step 7 – Stitch the next color stop – another running stitch smaller than the previous.


Step 8 – Stitch the final color stop = decorative stitching


Step 9 – Remove the embroidery from the hoop and cut along the outer running stitch – thus removing the outer running stitch.


Step 10 – • DO NOT CUT THE FOLD OPEN TOWARD THE BOTTOM OF THE ICE-SKATE, but remove the outer stitches with a picker!


Step 11 – Un-pick the running stitch toward the bottom. Do not cut the bottom as this is where the paperclip will be inserted. Cut away the stabilizer from the back of the design.


Step 12 – Insert Paperclip. Sliding it in from the front toward the back. Through the fold in the bottom.


Step 13 – Add a ribbon or embellish your Ice-Skate! Your Paperclip Ice Skate Project is complete!


Step 14 – Example of the small and medium size Paperclip Ice Skate. Complete step by step Instruction File included in your design download.

Step 15 – Once you start it will be difficult to stop making these cute Ice- Skates. Use them as a Decoration, Bookmark, Key Chain and more…