Photo Tutorial - Unique Cupcake Gift Card Holder

 Photo Tutorial - Unique Cupcake Gift Card Holder

Cupcake Gift Card Holder

Step 1 – With Applique it is always a good Idea to use the same Top and Bobbin thread. This ensures a professional finish.

Step 2 – You need the following: •Water-Soluble Stabilizer (Hoop 2 layers Perpendicular) •Embroidery Thread (see color chart in download) •Fabric x 1, Size = approx 4” x 4” •Fabric (contrast) x 4, Size = approx 4″x 4″ each •Cut-Away-Stabilizer x 3, Size = approx 4” x 4” •Ribbon (10″/25cm)long and (0.2″/0.5mm) wide

Step 3 – Hoop the 2 layers water-soluble stabilizer perpendicular for best results.

Step 4 – Stitch the 1st Color Stop. Place 1 layer “cut-away-stabilizer” on top of the running stitch and place the fabric on top of the “cut-away-stabilizer”

Step 5 – Close up view

Step 6 – Cut away the excess fabric and excess “cut-away-stabilizer”

Step 7 – Close up view

Step 8 – Stitch the next color stop. This will be the Lace Fill and the Top satin Edge.

Step 9 – Stitch the next color stop. Remove the hoop from the embroidery machine and turn over.

Step 10 – Place 1 layer of fabric, then 1 layer “cut-away-stabilizer”, then again 1 layer of fabric to the BACK. Use fabric adhesive spray to hold these layers in place while stitching.

Step 11 – Front view after the BACK layers were stitched.

Step 12 – Back view after BACK layers were stitched. Cut away the excess fabric. Remember to cut away the fabric inside the tiny “ribbon-hole”

Step 13 – Cut away the stabilizer from the inside of the “ribbon-hole”.

Step 14 – FRONT VIEW – Also cut away the stabilizer from the INSIDE of the cupcake. Be careful not to cut the fabric.

Step 15 – Your pocket will now be open, after the water-soluble stabilizer has been cut away.

Step 16 – Stitch the last color stop. This is the Final Satin Outline.

Step 17 – Rear View after last Color Stop

Step 18 – Remove designs from Hoop. Cut away the water-soluble stabilizer. Use a wet Q-tip to remove the whiskers around the edges.

Step 19 – Insert your GIFT CARD or TEA BAG etc. Thread a Ribbon through both holes and finish with a Bow.

Step 20 – Your Cupcake Pocket is done.

Step 21 – Rear view