3D London Alphabet



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Your FUN 3D Puffy Foam Font is here. It looks like it can just jump off the screen. 

Font Size (height): 1.4" (35mm)

You receive:

  • 1 x Complete 3D London Alphabet Font Upper Case x 26 letters
  • 1 x Complete 3D London Alphabet Lower Case x 26 letters
  • BX format included with all our available Formats (BX format is where your keyboard will type the font as letters. Free software is available to you, read more about BX files and the FREE software in the information file included. Click here to visit Embrilliance Express Free Software

More on Puffy Foam:

3D Embroidery is the art of using foam to raise part of the embroidered design to create a dramatic effect.

You will be laying down a piece of 3-D foam, and simply embroider the letters as usual. The needle penetrations perforate the foam and allow for the excess to be pulled away upon completion of the embroidery.

  • No Foam... No worries. You still get a good puffy look with this Fantastic versatile Font.