Applique Battenburg Place Mat Variety


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Dining beautifully is easy when you use these beautiful, timeless table accessories in APPLIQUE. What makes this set UNIQUE is the ADD ON panels, which enables you to make the project as large as you would like (whether in height and or width) Or simply stitch out 1 panel for a Beautiful COASTER. Look at the sample LAYOUT suggestions included.
You receive: 7 x files
  • Make a COASTER (4*4 hoop)
  • Make a MUG RUG (5*7 hoop)
  • Make a TABLE TOPPER - stitch out panels to create the desired size
  • Make a TEA TRAY CLOTH - combine the panels until the size fits your Tray
  • Make a PLACEMAT - size when complete 13" x 16" (14*17 hoop)
  • Make a Baby Quilt - combine panels to your required.
  • Size 4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop

Type: Applique