Bare Baroque Necklines Variety



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Bare Baroque Necklines Variety With the designs in this set you will be able to: *Embroider 5 UNIQUE Necklines
1. V Shape Neckline
2. Round Shape Neckline
3. Plunging U Shape Neckline
4. Scallop Neckline
5. Princess Neckline
GOOD NEWS: Low Stitch Count Designs (392 to 6219) AND!
You receive a printable PDF for easier placement on your garment. Why not decorate matching garments to compliment your Unique Embroidered Shirts. Create Exquisite Necklines with this variety Pack!
You Receive: 18 x Designs
  • 4*4 Hoop x 10
  • 5*7 Hoop x 2
  • 6*10 Hoop x 5
  • 8*8 Hoop x 1
4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop

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