Boho Chic Feathery Freestanding Lace Earrings



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Make these exquisite Boho Chic Feathery Freestanding Lace Earrings for a fun project. Then match it to your favorite outfit and enjoy your friends admiration. Or give it to a friend, your daughter or grand daughter. Be the first to create Boho Chic Feathery Freestanding Lace Earrings.
  • Earring Actual size: 1.45" width x 2.81" height
  • Hoop Sizes: 1 x 4*4 

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Martin

Very pleased with this design. The stitch out was perfect. I used same bobbin thread as top thread. I changed a bit and used only two colors to match an outfit I plan to wear. Will be embroidering more. If you are into craft shows this one is definitely a winner.

Thanks a bunch for the awesome review Carolyn! I'm so stoked to hear you loved how this design turned out. The fact that you got creative with the colors to match an outfit is super cool. It's little personal touches like that which make embroidery so much fun.
Hearing that this could be a hit at craft shows is music to my ears! Nothing makes me happier than knowing our patterns are resonating with fellow stitchers and giving you pieces you're proud to show off.
I can't wait to see what other amazing projects you whip up next. Don't be a stranger - I'm always eager to see our designs brought to life by talented folks like yourself! Happy stitching, Annemarie