Infinite Baroque Clutch Purse


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All dressed up and ready to go… match an exquisite purse with your outfit and now you are ready to go. You have the choice of 3 clutch purses, depending on your outfit and the size of the purse you need.

You receive design files to complete 3 Bags 
* Small size: 4*4 Hoop 
* Medium size: 5*7 Hoop 
* Large bag: 6*10 Hoop 

Stitch Counts:
Small clutch purse = 4*4 hoop - 44,091
Large clutch purse = 5*7 hoop - 81,169
X-Large clutch purse  = 6*10 hoop - 105,207

Ps. embellishments not included

Type: Applique