Cutwork Peter Pan Collar



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Turn an ordinary blouse or T-Shirt into a show stopper outfit with these detachable Peter Pan Collars. One collar fits in one hooping so you simply need to stitch out 1 x left and 1 x right and you have a complete Collar set.
This collar works well on many round neck or high neck shirts, blouses and jackets.
Detailed instructions are included in your Instant Download. I found this to be such an enjoyable and creative project which is of practical value in any wardrobe. Looking forward to see your own creations.
PS. We added a store bought trim.
Size when complete:
Collar made in your 5*7 Hoop to fit neck with circumference of approx 14" to 16" (34 cm to 40 cm) Stitch Count = 17,423
Collar made in your 6*10 Hoop to fit neck with circumference of approx 17" to 19" (43 cm to 48 cm) Stitch Count = 24,037