Fabulous Font Combo 5


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You get 10 amazing fonts in this Combo (26 individual letters in each font). These 10 fonts were available as free designs over a period of time. If you missed out you can still grab them at a bargain price: 
Complete info files included.

You get the following complete fonts in this Combo:
  • 1. Fall in Love Font (H=0.9")
  • 2. Simple Monogram Font (H=2.8")
  • 3. Quirly Cues Font (H=1")
  • 4. Rod Font (H=1")
  • 5. Niagara Font (H=2.44")
  • 6. Flowing Font (1.8")
  • 7. Aqua Font (H=1.5")
  • 8. Sharp Font (H=1")
  • 9. Swatch Font (H=1")
  • 10. Perfect Font (H=1.5")
Available Size
4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop