Feathers Latte ITH Wrist Purse



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Make This Fully Lined Clutch Purse, complete with a Zipper done All In The Hoop.

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You receive: 6 x Designs (you can make 3 individual purses)
5*7 Hoop x 2, stitch count = 21,432 - 24,650
5*8 Hoop x 2, stitch count = 23,819 - 27,741

6*10 Hoop x 2, stitch count = 28,137 - 33,270

Size when completed:
5*7 Hoop Purse: 6.4"/162mm(w) x 4.3"/111mm (h)
5*8 Hoop Purse: 7.3"/187mm(w) x 5.0"/127mm (h)
6*10 Hoop Purse: 9.2"/233mm(w) x 6.2"/169mm (h)

Customer Reviews

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Shirley Jones
Outstanding Design!!!!!!

Perfect for the Bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, grads and their moms. Can’t even remember how many of these I’ve made. Fabric most used was satin to match the attire. Added tabs and Used chain for the handles. Every single one stitched out beautifully! Thanks for such a reliable design.

'Wow! Your kind words have made our day Shirley! Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience. It's customers like you that make our job so rewarding. Kind regards, Annemarie