Gardens of Jupiter Seamless Quilt Combo


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This Seamless pattern is a Repeating pattern. You can make the quilt as large as you like by simply adding more and more blocks.

Included in your download are Blocks from sizes 10"x 10" , 9" x 9", 8" x 8" or simply stitch out the 2 halves in your 5" x 7" hoop and create your Quilted Blanket or Wall Art with 7" x 7" Blocks. Use 7 Unique Colors or simply stitch out the Designs in 1 Color only.

Enjoy the Huge variety of Unique Stitches in these Designs!

Hoop:     4” x 4” to 10” x 10” hoop
Designs: 35 Designs included
Size:       3.88” x 3.89” to 9.84” x 9.84”

Stitches: 8507 to 52,325

    Type: Quilting

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