Heart of Gold Trivet Variety



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Embroider a trivet, mug rug or coaster with a heart full of garden goodness. Stitched All In The Hoop.
Designs: 8 Designs
Hoop: 4*4, 5*7, 6*10, 7*12
Size: 3.78” x 3.96” to 6.57” x 6.90”
Stitch count: 7914 – 10,230

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    valarie arthur

    I bought 3 designs they should have been all pes Heart of gold came as ART I guess it was my fault but with the other 2 ??? my loss So I can't give you a review as my mistake was the Golden tarivet

    Thank you for your review Valarie. I changed the format on this order for you and the new download links for your PES format should be in your inbox soon. Kindly note that we will gladly change the file format on any purchased design.

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