Hearts Tote On the Go


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Make your own Tote Bag and enjoy a lot of fun embellish it for yourself or as a gift. This toe has pockets inside and outside to accommodate those little extras you need to complete any trip, be it shopping or to travel.

Dimensions when complete: 
approx. Tote Bag completed in 4*4 hoop Height = 8" Width = 8" Breadth = 4" | Tote Bag completed in 5*7 hoop Height = 10" Width = 10" Breadth = 5" | Tote Bag completed in 6*10 hoop Height = 10" Width = 12" Breadth = 6" (photos displayed here are the Tote Bag completed in the 6*10 Hoop)

Ps. Embellishments not included.

Type: Tote Bag