Hooray 4 Hexies 1



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Hexies or Hexagonal Shapes allow you to create endless Patterns and Projects! We included a Hexie frame and Center piece separately and combined. The one fits perfectly into the other. You also get this Unique pattern in 4 square shapes. The Largest Block (8" by 8") will allow you to Pre-Quilt your fabric with this Lovely Pattern and use as is or Embroider More Crazy and Fun Designs on the Pre-Quilted Block. Have fun with this Collectors Set!

Hoop:            4*4, 5*7, 6*10, 7*10, 8*12
Designs:        10 designs included
Size:               2.32” x 2.68” to 7.84” x 7.84”
Stitch count: 1046 – 4887

PS: We included just a few example layouts of what you can do with this set. We look forward to see what You Create with these Hexies!