Hues of Blue - Egyptian blue



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6 Easy ways to use your Hues of Blue designs

  1. Looking for new QUILT BLOCKS to decorate that BRAND NEW quilt you have been planning last WINTER?
  2. LUXURY linen with INITIALS embedded in these BEAUTIFUL HUES of BLUE FRAMES can add that last touch to a newly decorated Bathroom
  3. REPETITIVE DESIGNS always create a beautiful accent. Add 3 in a row to the center of a table runner, that is all.
  4. PLAIN FABRIC with DETAILED EMBROIDERY are Perfect for THE POCKETS of your favorite Apron
  5. Square up the corners of a NEW set of Fabric Napkins
  6. Details make a Difference - Stitch out a HUES OF BLUE block on felt, cut with zigzag scissors and add it to a gift

You receive: 3 x Designs

Hoop Size:

  • 1 x 4*4 Hoop
  • 1 x 5*5 Hoop
  • 1 x 8*8 Hoop

4x4 (100mm x 100mm) Hoop